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RC Car Repair

3 Common RC Car Repair Problems

No matter how well you build your RC car, truck, or drone, it's going to experience some mechanical problems. Here are 3 of the most common reasons you might need RC car repair.

  • Wheels. RC wheels are the most vulnerable part of your device. Bumping over rocks, holes, and other impediments slowly take a toll on the axles and pins. You'll likely need to replace the wheels and supporting structures a few times over the life of your device.

  • Exterior. Your paint is subjected to environmental stress throughout it's use. Rain, wind, and small airborne debris slowly erodes your finish and mars the appearance of your piece. Fixing dents, filling in scraps, and repainting badly damaged exteriors happens frequently.

  • Electrical short. Delicate wires can fall victim to jarring motions, moisture, and a myriad of other conditions. When your device doesn't respond the way it used to, the problem could be electrical.


Crown Hobbies provides solutions to your RC car repair problems in the Miami FL area. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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